Wall Mounted Ski Rack

Display, Don't Store Skis.

Say Goodbye to Cluttered Spaces

Tired of tripping over your skis and poles every time you enter your home? Get those tips off of the floor and onto a wall where you can look at them. Save yourself some of the chaos that is storing winter gear. It's time to reclaim your home, keep things organized, and make room for what matters.
  • Fits all-mountain & powder skis

  • 100% aluminum construction

  • Simple installation with hardware

  • Organize Your Home

    No more messy ski equipment cluttering your living area.
  • Easy Access

    Grab your gear quickly and head out to the slopes in no time.
  • Ski Pole Storage

    Hide your ski poles in plain sight.

asked questions

Have you a question?

Will my skis fit?

Yes! They are designed for modern ski shapes so as long as the tip of your skis are 110mm or 130mm wide, the Hover Ski Rack will accommodate your skis. (Check any online retailer and look for the first number in thier measurement i.e. 120 (tip)-108(waist)-115(tail)

How Does It Work?

The Hover Ski Rack is a wall mounted ski storage rack. It is designed to store your skis vertically on any wall by cradling the sidecut of the ski to hover in place.

What is it made from?

100% Aluminum. It is softer than steel so it won't dull your edges. Also makes it recyclable when the time comes. 

How many skis does it fit?

1 pair of skis