Install The Wall Mount

Below are the following steps to install your Wall Mounts on an interior wall (dry wall). 

What's need:

    1. Phillips screw driver
    2. Drill with 1/4" drill bit
    3. Level or smartphone leveling app
    4. Marking tool (a pencil works)
    5. Gumption

Installation Steps

Step 1: Setup

Find a spot where you want to mount your skis. Measure 115cm/45inches from the floor and place a mark on the wall. 

Step 2: Mark your mounting holes

Using your mark on the wall, use the provided Recommended Mounting Template to line up your mounts. Place the center line of the template with your mark on the wall. Tape the corners and make your mounting hole marks. 

Be sure to make sure they are level by measuring from the floor 115cm/45 inches. Adjust as needed. 

Remember, measure a bunch, cut/drill just once. 

Step 3: Install your Wall Mounts

Using a drill, drill a hole large enough to fit each toggle anchor through. Place the mounting bolt through the Wall Mount baseplate, screw on the toggle (be sure the toggle is oriented corrected), and insert it into the mounting hole. Once you push the toggle anchor all the way through, you should hear an audible click. The toggle has expanded beyond the wall. Pull firmly on the Wall Mount as your tighten the mounting hardware. This ensures the toggle anchor is gripping the back of the wall, allowing you to tighten the bolt as needed. 

Step 4: Adjust your Wall Mounts

Once installed, loosen each hook arm and adjust to the narrowest width of your ski - this is the waist width or also known as the ski's underfoot. 

Once adjusted, tighten the hook arm hardware and place the base of your ski into the mount so it cradles the ski as you lower it into the mount. 

Voila! There you have it. Your Wall Mounts are installed and you're ready to get hoverin'!


If you received self tapping Toggle Anchors, follow the instructions below: