Hover Snowboard Rack Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Step 1: Preparation

  • Positioning: Align the board against the wall where you intend to mount it. Mark the wall closest to the front binding. This mark will serve as your mounting line.

Step 2: Measurement

  • Identify the Narrowest Part: Locate the center of your board and measure its width. This measurement will be used to determine the placement of your installation holes.

Step 3: Marking Installation Holes

  • Ensure Fit: Before marking, verify that the widest adjustment setting of the Snowboard Rack is narrower than the widest part of your board, specifically the tip. If not, narrow your mounting marks accordingly. This ensures the rack can securely hold your board without compromising its security.
  • Level Marks: Ensure your marks are level with the wall to maintain the board's stability.
  • Drilling: Use a 3/8in (10mm) drill bit to create the holes in the drywall. Ensure the holes are precisely aligned with your marks.

Step 4: Assembly and Installation

  • Assemble the Butterfly Anchor: Attach the split washer to the butterfly anchor. Insert the anchor through the drilled hole and gently push and pull to ensure it has deployed fully.
  • Secure the Rack: Tighten the snowboard rack securely against the wall, ensuring it is firmly attached and aligned with the mounting line.
  • Hang Up Your Board: Read that again. Go play!

Pro Tip:

  • Secure Your Snowboard: To maximize the security of your snowboard with the Hover Snowboard Rack, it's essential to ensure the widest adjustment setting is narrower than the widest part of your snowboard, particularly the tip. This precise adjustment guarantees your snowboard is held securely, preventing any unintended movement or slippage during use.



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