We get asked a lot of questions. Here's our answers to those questions.

When will my package ship?

We aren't Amazon and don't wanna be. We typically process (pick, pack, and ship) your order in 1-2 business days.

If its snows more than 6 inches, sorry not sorry, we're gonna go ski before we get to your order.

What's up with your packaging?

We use as much recyclable materials as possible (paper). Because of this, we don't use any retail packaging. We strive to limit our single use plastic usage because it is so damaging to our environment.

So if you're expecting an amazing unboxing, you won't get it. Instead you'll get a package similar to your grandma's Christmas gifts.

You wanna read more about our packaging, check out this blog post.

Why is the Wall Mount so expensive compared to alternatives?

We value quality; Buy nice or buy twice. 

The Wall Mount is made in the USA. Manufactured in Ogden, USA our mounts are CNC'd solid aluminum (not plastic like some grabbers 😉). This thing ain't gonna break on you and if it does, we would LOVE to know how the hell you did it. 

We took our time in developing the most simplistic, minimal moving parts, durable mount that sits behind the scenes to let your skis shine. 

The Wall Mount is intended to be a one time purchase unless you have a ski addiction and want a mount for each ski.

In that case, we have a group that meets weekly to talk about our unhealthy/healthy obsession with skiing. (We're joking, kinda. Its called night skiing)

Can I return my item?

We're a little sad to hear you want to return an item. But yes, you may return your retail purchase within 30 days of reciept. All B2B sales are final.

If there was any issue with shipping/handling, we'll cover the return label and ship you a replacement.

If you get it and decide, "nah this ain't for me dog", ship it back to us using the address below and we'll issue a refund once it gets back to our shop. 

Hover Equipment LLC
Attn: Craig
615 Nikles Dr Suite 101
Bozeman, Montana

For our full refund policy, visit this link: https://hoverequipment.com/policies/refund-policy

Who is Craig?

He's your local customer amigo and twin tipper. He'll get you all squared away for anything customer service related. He also likes Reese's Big Cups. So if you want even more outstanding customer service, a little treat goes a long ways.

Is Hover liable for the damage I caused installing my Wall Mounts?

Is Hover hiring?

Can I invest in Hover?

Why did Hover relocate to Montana?
If you've ever been here, you'd understand. We'll eventually write a blog post about this but the short anwer is Utah got crowded. 

Is Hover y'alls full time thing?

Not yet. We still have 9-5ers in corporate jobs. We'd would love nothing more than to leave our day jobs to be ski bums doing weird-nerdy things in the shop. You can read our Manifesto if you want to learn more about what makes us tick wiggle.