Con Artist - Art Exhibit

Con Artist - Art Exhibit

On Friday, November 10th, MBG will be hosting a film screening of Con Artist at the Railto Theatre in Bozeman, Montana. 

There will be an art exhibit featuring local artists supported by Hover. 

Doors open at 7, $12 tickets:

CON ARTIST || (Official Trailer) from MBG on Vimeo.

 In a realm where the boundaries of reality and the subconscious are mere suggestions, an extraordinary journey unfolds. Brace yourself for a cinematic adventure like no other, as we follow three remarkable freeskiers—Addison Rafford, Josie Petersen, and Ella Meade—on a mesmerizing odyssey of self-identity. This is "A Dream Unearthed," an experimental masterpiece brought to life by MBG and guided by the visionary lens of Griffin Glendinning. These freeskiers are not just athletes; they are pioneers of dreams, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both sport and storytelling. As they pirouette on the precipice of the surreal and the tangible, they confront their deepest fears, past experiences, and the intricate maze of their minds in a quest that will resonate with anyone who has ever pondered the depths of their own being. With Griffin Glendinning as the director, this cinematic marvel has not only pushed the boundaries of storytelling but also challenged the status quo of artistic expression. Join Addison Rafford, Josie Petersen, and Ella Meade as they take you on a surreal journey where freeskiers become pioneers of dreams, and the boundaries between reality and the subconscious dissolve in a remarkable heist to unveil self-identity.


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