A Perfect Pairing: Line Skis Outline 117 & The Hover Ski Rack

A Perfect Pairing: Line Skis Outline 117 & The Hover Ski Rack

These big ol' pow spoons are a joy to ride in between the line; Lift lines, tree lines, or ridge lines.

When it comes to skiing, it's not just about the thrill of the slopes but also the art of displaying your beloved skis. That's where the Line Skis Outline 117 and the Hover Ski Rack come into play. Let's dive into why this pairing is a match made in skier's heaven.

Line Skis Outline 117: A Powder Beast Line Skis Outline 117 is designed for those who crave deep powder days. With a generous 117mm waist width, it effortlessly floats over the fluffiest of snow, making it a favorite among powder hounds. Its versatility shines whether you're cruising through glades or tackling the backcountry.

The Hover Ski Rack: Where Style Meets Functionality But what good is a phenomenal ski like the Outline 117 if you can't show it off? Enter the Hover Ski Rack, a sleek and minimalist solution designed for ski enthusiasts. This rack is not just a storage solution; it's a piece of art. It cradles your skis discreetly, allowing you to display them as a collection or individually.

When you're not out on the slopes, the Hover Ski Rack ensures your Line Skis Outline 117 is on display for all to admire. Crafted from high-quality 6061 aluminum, it offers a lifetime of use. Plus, with its 'Topsheetin' Technology', your skis will stay in top condition.

To put the icing on the cake, installation of the Hover Ski Rack is a breeze. With user-friendly mounting instructions, you'll have it up on your wall in no time.

In summary, Line Skis Outline 117 and the Hover Ski Rack make for the ultimate pairing for ski enthusiasts. Not only will your skis perform on the mountain, but they'll also be showcased in your home as the pieces of art they truly are. So, whether you're conquering the powder or admiring your gear at home, this duo has you covered in style.

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