Introducing the Hover Ski Rack: Elevate Your Ski Storage

Introducing the Hover Ski Rack: Elevate Your Ski Storage

Here to show off our new Hover Ski Rack, a sleek and minimalist solution designed to seamlessly showcase your skis on any wall, inspired by the success of our Hover Wall Mount.

Hover Ski Rack fits rip sticks and thiccc sticks. If your ski measures 110mm in width (All-Mountain) or 130mm in width (Powder), it's a perfect fit for the Hover Ski Rack.

  1. Minimalist Design: The Hover Ski Rack effortlessly cradles the sidecut of modern skis, whether All-Mountain or Powder widths. It offers discreet, sleek storage, allowing you to display your skis as a collection or individually. Featuring our Sneaky Ski Pole Storage; store your poles behind your skis, sneakily. 

  2. Designed for Everyday: Crafted from high-quality 6061 aluminum and anodized for a refined look, the Hover Ski Rack ensures a lifetime of use. Maintain the life of your skis with our Topsheetin' Technology that ensures your keep those tips up for years to come.

    (If you break it, we'd love how the hell you did it because... wow!)

  3. Easy Installation: With our user-friendly mounting instructions, installation is as simple as Mark, Mount, Hang. Find your wall, mark your preferred placement, securely mount your Hover Ski Rack, and hang your skis and poles. (Note: Live, Laugh, Love posters available in the gift shop)

 Check it out:

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