2021 Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt

2021 Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt

When it comes to snowboarding, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your performance and overall experience. Salomon, a renowned brand in the world of snow sports, has consistently delivered high-quality snowboards that cater to riders of all skill levels.

In 2021, they unveiled the Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt, a snowboard designed in collaboration with legendary rider Wolle Nyvelt. This groundbreaking board offers a blend of innovation, versatility, and exceptional performance that has captured the attention of snowboarding enthusiasts worldwide. Let's dive deeper into the features and benefits of this remarkable snowboard.

1. Design and Construction:
The Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt boasts a cutting-edge design that combines the best of traditional and modern snowboarding techniques. This all-mountain board features a directional twin shape, making it suitable for riders who enjoy both freestyle and freeride terrains. Its medium flex allows for a perfect balance of stability and maneuverability, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

The board's construction includes Salomon's proprietary Ghost Green Core, a combination of lightweight paulownia wood and bamboo strips. This unique construction enhances the board's durability while reducing weight, resulting in a highly responsive and lively ride.

2. HPS - Hillside Project:
One of the standout features of the Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt is the integration of the Hillside Project (HPS) technology. This innovative addition is a collaboration between Wolle Nyvelt and Salomon's engineers, aimed at creating a board that excels in powder and soft snow conditions. The HPS technology introduces a three-dimensional shape to the nose and tail of the board, allowing for effortless floatation and exceptional maneuverability in deep snow. This makes the HSP Wolle Nyvelt an ideal choice for riders who seek unforgettable powder adventures.

3. Rock Out Camber Profile:
The HSP Wolle Nyvelt features Salomon's Rock Out Camber profile, combining the benefits of both camber and rocker. This hybrid profile provides the rider with precise edge control and stability while maintaining the forgiveness and playfulness of a rocker board. The camber sections underfoot offer excellent pop and energy transfer, enhancing the board's performance on groomed runs and allowing for smooth turns and powerful carves.

4. Quadralizer Sidecut:
To further enhance its handling and edge control, the Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt incorporates the Quadralizer sidecut. This unique design combines a blend of straight and curved edges to provide increased stability and edge hold, especially at high speeds or in challenging conditions. The Quadralizer sidecut ensures that you can confidently navigate any terrain with precision and control.
The 2021 Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt is a snowboard that pushes the boundaries of performance and versatility. Its collaborative design with Wolle Nyvelt and Salomon's commitment to innovation have resulted in a board that excels in a variety of snow conditions, making it an excellent choice for riders who crave adventure and want to explore the mountain with confidence. Whether you're carving groomers, hitting park features, or seeking fresh powder, the HSP Wolle Nyvelt is a reliable and exciting companion. Embrace the thrill of winter and take your snowboarding to new heights with the Salomon HSP Wolle Nyvelt.
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