$95.00 Ski Wall Mount? Let us explain.

$95.00 Ski Wall Mount? Let us explain.

For everyone that has left a similar comment on a post, thanks for engaging with our posts. There's a couple reasons on how we ended up with this price, so let's dive into it.

1. We value quality; Buy nice or buy twice. Would you rather replace something multiple times or have your first solution last forever? We took our time in developing the most simplistic, minimal moving parts, durable mount that sits behind the scenes to let your skis shine. Here's photos of our prototypes if you are inclined to make some cheap ones for yourself.


2. The Wall Mount is proudly made in the USA. We're a small business with low production quantities and prefer to support our community instead of using overseas production. Manufactured in Ogden, UT our mounts are CNC machined from solid aluminum (not plastic like some grabbers 😉). Each piece is hard anodized for a life-long lasting, stealthy finish. Final design marks are then laser engraved out of our shop in Bozeman, MT. 

This thing ain't gonna break on you and if it does, we would LOVE to know how the hell you did it. 

3. We value our time & design work. The beauty of the Hover Wall Mount is that you don't see it, making your skis are the heroes. We don't want to look at the side of bindings or blue blobs on our wall, skis have rad top sheets for a reason. Living in small apartments led us to needing a space-saving, functional way to store skis. We took the time to prototype and design mounts that provide easy daily use but also an aesthetic appeal that will seamlessly fit into the most baller cribs out there.

So, basically we understand that $95 is kinda pricey. But it's a lifelong solution that we know you'll be stoked on.

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